Prunus in Biwa

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Soft, tonal, graceful: Biwa is a classic Fromental colourway and remains incredibly popular. The metallic wash combined with subtle, complementary shades in the detail gives Biwa a timeless elegance.

Prunus draws on the rich history of traditional plum blossom painting. A combination of our ‘unconscious’ painting style – which uses graceful, gestural brushstrokes – and the dazzling lustre of the hand-embroidered silk thread gives it an otherworldly beauty.

Prunus is a remarkably adaptable design as we offer it in three different layouts. This means you are free to choose the scheme that best suits your space, depending on whether there is low- or high-level furniture, bedside panelling, narrow joinery, etc.



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SKU CODE: E011-16

STANDARD: Hand Painted and Hand Embroidered Dyed silk with paper backing

REPEAT: Non-Repeating



Hand Painted and Hand Embroidered Dyed silk with paper backing

Each panel is 36” (915mm) wide

First measure the width of the wall or the full perimeter of the room.

Divide this width by the panel width which is 36” (panel_width).

There is a minimum order of four panels.

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